The Anatomy of the Perfect Instagram post

Planning your next Instagram post? Here is the list which you must go through before you commence your work.

The checklist:

  1. Compelling image/video
  2. CTA
  3. Engage
  4. Emoji
  5. Hashtags
  6. Geo-tagging

Compelling images/video

Instagram is a photo-based app; billions of photos are shared on Instagram every single day. Users are drawn to photos that are stunning with great filters and good lighting. Use Photo editing tools or app and create a compelling images/video to post on Instagram. (Some free tools are like camera+ and Afterlight to edit photos)

Instagram Photo
Instagram Photo | Pic credit: DPReview


Call to Action (CTA)

Majorly Instagram is used to generate leads, followed by branding. Using a compelling call to action (CTA) bridges the gap. The best way to do this is to add captions that describe the photo or video followed by a request for the user to click the link in the bio. Make sure the link in the bio directs to the latest blog post, landing page, homepage/product page.


Call to Action (CTA) Example | Photo Credit: Saevus Magazine
Call to Action (CTA) Example | Photo Credit: Saevus Magazine



Ask a question: “My favourite place to hang out is Marine drive, what’s your?”

Ask to like/comment: “I am planning to go for Movie with my buddies, but we are confused which movie to watch. We have to options, Avengers and October. We’re leaning towards Avengers. Help us decide! Click the heart if you agree or else comment your view.”

Ask to tag someone else: “Avenger is the movie which I would like watch with my best friend, tag your best friend with whom you would like to watch.”



Emoji grabs people’s attention right away, so sprinkle them in! Just make sure that the emoji is relevant to your post. 🙂

Emoji Example | Credit: amritasahneyy
Emoji Example | Credit: amritasahneyy



Hashtags are an inevitable part of the Instagram experience. Hashtags help the user search and find things more easily. So be sure to add hashtags like #experience #foodie #travelblogger #oberoimall or any other hashtags that your target audience is looking for! 8/9 Hashtags is the best number to add to the post.

Hashtags Example | Photo Credit: indreyndre
Hashtags Example | Photo Credit: indreyndre


Just like hashtags feature, people also search by location. People can type in a city name or business name to search. If someone checks in your business place, anyone searching for your business name or location can find the post. So always ask the happy customer to snap and tag your business place on their Instagram post. This way when a prospective customer checkout your business place, he or she can check out the post by your happy customer. This builds massive social proof and credibility.


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