A Walk through Facebook Insights

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms with humongous user base (In 2017 the user base was of 2.2 billion monthly active users). With such big user base, Facebook is one of the best places to find our target audience. Businesses can make a page on Facebook about their business; this page is known as Business Page.

Creating content consumes time and money, but how do we come to know is our content working or not? How can we know which type of content is being liked by our audience?

Facebook Insights, a feature on our business page which let us learn how our content is doing. Let’s have a look at Facebook Insights.

Facebook Insights Screenshot
Facebook Insights Screenshot


The Overview section of the page is distributed in 3 parts; namely  Page Summary, Top 5 recent post, Pages to watch.

Page summary:  In this section, some key metrics are shown which are as follows:

  • Action on page
  • Page views
  • Page Previews
  • Page Likes
  • Reach
  • Recommendations received
  • Post Engagement
  • Video view
  • Page followers

Top 5 recent Post: In this section, top 3 recent posts are shown along with metrics (Detailed description you can see below)

Pages to watch: In this section, you can add your competitor’s page to compare (Detailed description you can see below)

Followers Tab:

This section of the page contains details of followers namely followers count, the source where the following happened.

Facebook Insights followers Tab
Facebook Insights followers Tab

Likes Tab:

The likes tab is similar to the follower’s tab except for its shows the details of the page like instead of followers of the page. (Remember a person who likes a page can be a follower to the page or not )


The Reach section helps us understand the amount of reach our posts has achieved. Here post wise detailed is not available. we can view daily combined reach by all types of post on our post.

Post Reach
Post Reach

The Reach section/tab also contains information about the combined reaction received on the page. Apart from the reactions it also includes the details of the number of post hides, spam reported by users to our post etc.

Reaction on Reach tab in Insights
Reaction on Reach tab in Insights

Page Views:

The next tab in the list is the page views tab, here details such source of the page view, people who viewed our page, Total view, views by section.

Page view
Page view

Post tab:

The post tab is one of the important section in the Insight page. Here we get to know about all the details related to our post like the reach, engagement rate, likes, comments etc.

This section shows the following details:

  1. When page fans are online with respect to day and time of the day.
  2. Average Engagement based on the type of post.
  3. Top post from competitor page which we have selected to watch.
  4. Post which we have published (reach, engagement)

All Posts Published:

All Post Published section
All Post Published section

In this section, we can check post reach (Both organic & Paid), engagement rate, post clicks, reactions received.

The above are some of the important tabs in Facebook Insight which helps page manager plan proper content strategy.

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