7 Ways to Grow Your Personal Brand on Twitter

Can you build a personal brand on Twitter 280 characters at a time?

The answer is YES! The list to follow here it Goes!

  1. Twitter handle
  2. Sharpen your profile
  3. Be active and provide value
  4. Connection and influence
  5. Take Advantages of the video
  6. Brag yourself
  7. Be authentic

1. Twitter Handle

Choose your twitter handle carefully. Suppose you are a great cook or a travel freak, but handles like @cookingmylove or @travel4life won’t work out. For Personal twitter handle simply using your name like @AbhaySingh is great to go. Using funky handle is good but simple ones are easy and good to remember.

Changing twitter handle is allowed but we must not be used to, as to how easy changing the name might be, but informing to your every follower is a big deal.A strong personal brand needs to be consistent and recognizable, and that includes your usernames.


Twitter handle Example -7 Ways to Grow Your Personal Brand on Twitter-Socdia-personal brand on Twitter
Twitter handle Example | Credit: @juliadentphoto

2. Sharpen your profile

Its basic, but sharpening your profile can make you zero to hero. Sharpening profile is like dressing up, it gives impression who you are.

To sharpen your Twitter profile, you can:

  • Have a clear image of your brand and what you do
  • A clear picture of your face (not your company logo)
  • An excellent cover photo
  • Link to relevant pages about you (about.me, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • A strong Twitter bio (I used a humorous approach)
  • Link to your blog

It’s important to keep your profile photo consistent with what you use on other platforms. That way people can easily recognize you. (Check out the above image)

Having said that, I do recommend changing your profile picture every six months or so. I see people still using a timeworn photo that is 2/3 years old.


3. Be Active and provide value

The more active or consistent you are, the faster you’ll get noticed. Think of it like working out.

If you’re new, spend every time you can engage and connect with others. Stay on it every single day without rest. Engage with others and post regularly.

If you already have an established relationship, spend at least 15-30 minutes daily maintaining that relationship. I recommend you schedule your content and spread them out. That way you can spend more time being active.

Simply being active on Twitter helps you get noticed. I’ve done it and it clearly has helped me.

I recommend you to have a routine. For me, I like to go onto Twitter whenever I finish writing an article. Engaging with others relaxes me.

Provide value to your followers. Here are two quick ways you can provide value.

  • Share other people’s post
  • Share your post


4. Connections and influence

The point of building a personal brand is to be someone who has the answer or to whom one look for inspiration or suggestion. You must roll up your sleeves and find the time to get involved.

How to get involved:

  • Twitter chat – Chats are an extraordinary way to meet new people, attract new followers, and gain more information about what’s going on your field. Most Twitter chats take place weekly on the same day, at the same time.
  • Respond to mention and shares- This one seems obvious, but a lot of people forget about it. After a couple of years on Twitter, I’ve noticed that nothing strengthens professional relationships and loyalty like a little love here and there.
  • Share, tag & talk – If the author of an article you’re sharing is on Twitter, tag them in your tweet. Ask other people what they think. Don’t be afraid to start conversations by mentioning someone. It’s good to ask and engage.
  • Follow: Following is the quickest way to connect with people and grow the followers that you have.


5. Take Advantages of Video

The video stands out on twitter. People who take advantage of videos stand out. Think about recording a reply or recording content to share.


6. Brag!

Yes! Brag
If you have been mentioned on some important list or on a tweet, tweet it, Brag about it.
The reason why we want to do that is we want to show the people who are following you that you’ve achieved something. It again adds context to show that you are an expert on something.


Example of Brag | Credit: !pendown
Example of Brag | Credit: @pendown

7. Be authentic

Be genuine and be yourself.
Be you, implement the best practice but at the end of the day be you. Share, write you like to do, love to.

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